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  • Product Details
  • Functions&Effects:

    1.135cm super long double SL track; Thai style massage, help to stretch your whole body;
    2.One-key zero gravity, your feet position will be higher than your heart position when lying down, to experience the real space capsule feeling;

    3.One-key to forward,save more space-- just need 5cm close to wall;
    4.Integrated,armrest will change with the chair;
    5.Heating therapy for back; help you to warm your body and release fatigue;
    6.6 modes of massage technique: Kneading/Beating/Knocking/Tapping/Shiatus/Massage; 
    Foot roller;help to improve the blood circulation and release stress;

    8.Leg part is adjustable, maximum to 19cm; designed for people of different height;
    9.Bluetooth for music play function;

    10.With a VFD colorful screen Remote Controller, you can adjust the angle of backrest and foot massager simultaneously.