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  • Function:

    1.3D LTrack Zero gravity massage system,6 massage methods including vibration, tapping, knocking, rolling, kneading and shiatsu.

    2.15 Auto masage system, bluetooth technology music player, body stretching system, space saver design(5cm close to wall placed)

    3.Zero Gravity position can help relieving stress on the leg and back spine and allows for a deeper massage experience, plus reduces swelling of legs

    4.3D L Shaped track, cover over 75% of back area, ergonomically designed offer a higher massage performance from neck, back all along to glutes

    5.Finger touch like whole body aircell massage system, 6 pressure intensity for choose

    6.Hot stone like heating system located in back, waist, hip and calf area, help to warm the body and release fatigue,calf massager length adjustable.

    7.Auto body-scan function, sensors equipped on the back can detect the user’s weight and height then customize the massage length accordingly.

    8.Medical magnetic roller massage system help improving the circulation and releasing stress, always be your best

    9.With a LCD hand-held wire remote, you can adjust the angle of backrest and foot massager simultaneously

    10.Full assembled packing, open the package to enjoy your massage immediately




    Carton Package Size: 120*80*130cm               

    Colors: Biege; Black&Red

    Rating Working Time: 15 mints;                   

    Power Rating: 150W