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    Type: Home Massage Chair
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  • Function:

    *102pcs airbags around head, neck, shoulders, arms, seat, legs and feet

    *Seat Vibration Massage; Foot Roller Massage

    *Heating Function; Zero Gravity Function;

    *APP Remote Function

    *130cm SL-shape Tracking Mechanical Hands Massage from Head to Legs               

    *Bluetooth music function♪♪♪♪                                                                                    

    *4D Massage Hands


    Size: 148*87*126cm;                             

    Carton Package Size: 152*68*87cm(main part) ,165*54*67cm(armrest part), 60*54*55cm(legs) 

    N.W/G.W: 136kgs/187kgs                    

    Colors: Four colors for choose                                                          

    Power Rating: 150W;   

    Voltage: 110-240V; 50-60HZ

    Plug: Fits for all countries plugs