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  • Product Details
  • Function:

    1.Newly developed S-L shape massage track realizes the massage from back to thighs.  

    2.Zero gravity ,zero pressure:when its angle is as 127 degrees, the user's weight will spread to the chair and release the gravity.              

    3.Smart mechanism hands to perform kneading,tapping,  shiatsu, squeezing and rubbing massage that could improves the sensibility and comfort of the massage modes. 

    4.Sliding forward design to save space when it works. 

    5.Bluetooth music function: massage synchronized  with music.   

    6.Footrest stretch flexibly up to 18cm to ensure whole body massage.         

    7.Rollers on soles and airbags massage for legs and instep activate the marvelous massage experience. 


    Size: 155*75*108cm;           

    Carton Package Size:125*77*110cm                                   

    N.W/G.W: 92kgs/100kgs                                                              

    Colors: Three colors for choose                                         

    Power Rating: 150W;   

    Voltage: 110-240V; 50-60HZ

    Plug: Fits for all countries plugs